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EUROTAXI KAVALA has been operating in the city of Kavala since 1986. The company has a fleet of modern taxis and fully trained staff, and ever since it was founded it has been focused on repaying its customers’ trust by providing them with excellent service.

EUROTAXI KAVALA is open 24 hours a day so it is always available to meet your needs and provide you with safe and secure travel anywhere in Kavala. Our vehicles meet all the strictest transport safety criteria, while our experienced taxi drivers are renowned for their exceptional professionalism. In this way, EUROTAXI KAVALA guarantees to transport you safely and on time to any destination in the city of Kavala. As part of our upgraded services, we also have a vehicle which has been specially designed to meet the needs of disabled people and which is also suitable for the severely disabled and can meet the most demanding mobility needs.

Trust in us for your travel needs - whatever your request! Our experienced, professional taxi drivers are always available and ready to respond immediately when you call us. EUROTAXI KAVALA provides speedy, comfortable and safe transport and also provides tours of the wider area of Kavala for those visiting the city!

EUROTAXI by numbers

Our history:

We can see that there is a need amongst motorists and the local community in Kavala for a new dynamic in the taxi profession and for faster services with cheap and safe passenger transport. So, this leads to 69 taxi cars setting up Kavala radio taxis.
In its first three years, the radio taxi network spreads and gains ground in the transport sector, with the result that 41 more cars are included in its fleet.
As the project develops, circumstances change, and radio taxi Kavala sees the need to find new ways of organizing its transport project. The result is that radio taxi Kavala is turned into a cooperative and becomes the second member of EUROTAXI HELLAS.
EUROTAXI KAVALA has 110 vehicles and can respond to changes in its working environment thanks to its strength as a member of the largest radio network in Greece.

Our fleet

EUROTAXI KAVALA offers you a plethora of options for sightseeing in areas close to Kavala and visits to archaeological sites, tourist attractions and entertainment venues!



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